Asja Lajtman Bosilj

Asja owns the AVUS Center for Business Education and was the first person to present NBI™ on the Croatian market.

Asja and an associate studied the tool in detail prior to getting certified and what they liked was, on the one hand, the tool’s scientific grounding and user friendliness, and on the other its broad application to individuals, teams and entire organizations alike, as well as to daily lives of the parents, spouses, pupils and students; the results are helpful to all above in establishing quality communication, increased understanding, possible selection of future career etc.

Her vision is to assist companies in staff development with her professional approach – through business education sessions, individual work, conducting various surveys and processing results, introducing a system of incentives, organizing team building sessions and anything else that may emerge as relevant in the human resources field.

Asja’s motto is: Be prepared to change, always try and give your best at any given time.

Vinka Radojkovic

Vinka has been a certified NBI™ Practitioner since 2022 and is the founder of the education agency Viela. Vinka works with parents, helping them to better understand their children and achieve smoother cooperation and communication. The NBI™ tool, a scientific, simple, and precise instrument, perfectly aligned with her work style and engineering background, becoming a cornerstone of her work with parents.

Soon after applying the NBI™ tool, she realized its value, significance, and practicality.

What motivates Vinka is her belief that every child deserves to have parents who truly see and understand them.

Bojana Perovic

Bojana holds a postgraduate degree in Business psychology and management, working in the recruitment and career consulting industry.

She is a co-owner of Minuta do posla agency, which aims to make job search easier and fun, offering services such as career counseling, interview coaching, resume & cover letter writing, and Linkedin profile optimization to attract business opportunities or clients, network, learn and develop strong personal brand.

She is the first certified NBI Practitioner in Montenegro, and in addition to working with its clients, Bojana will use NBI it to develop her own team, making this tool an integral part of the onboarding process of new employees in her agency.

Gian Carlo Manzoni

Gian Carlo is the founder of ECONSULTANT  and METALOG ITALIA,  consulting and training companies, and his mission is to develop leadership journeys.
Working with individuals and organizations, Gian Carlo is familiar and well versed in applying different questionnaires in his development programs. Hence, NBI™ is one of his favorite tools for its’ clear and fast to investigate cognitive preferences.
According to Gian Carlo’s experience, NBI™ allows series of “instructions” for our brain usage while offering different visions of “evolution”. The “brain” is truly infinite and the possibilities of neurogenesis and enhancement are present. It’s up to us.
Gian Carlo has been certified NBI™ practitioner since 2020, and has more than 18 years of experience in creating and delivering growth journeys to his customers across Italy and abroad.

Djordje Maricic

To Djordje, the NBI™ was the first instrument that was readily understandable and applicable.

He sees himself as a person involved in changing perspectives, viewpoints and developing an understanding for other positions. Through this approach he provides support for himself, his family and friends, colleagues and clients alike to find solutions for challenges they encounter, or just to utilize their full potential.

He chose NBI™ because, early in his entrepreneurial career, with just 3 years’ experience, he wanted Maverick Consulting to have a globally recognized instrument in its palette.

The moment is everything. Recognizing the moment is the key to success. And the key is within us, in how we understand ourselves.

Marija Švigir

Marija owns Balance Consulting-a, a personal and organizational development agency. As a psychologist in management, she mentored coaches and coached leaders in her previous work.

NBI™ emerged as a viable option in her search for a new, inspiring and comprehensive tool. The tool is sufficiently new in these parts of the world, and it is also sufficiently tested to bring relevant insight and open avenues of further development.

She believes one of the most gratifying things we can afford ourselves is to live and work in line with our personal values.

Mirjana Jaraković

Mirjana has been a certified NBI™ Practitioner since 2019.

Since Mirjana’s former professional development as a coach was focused on improving businesses through staff development, she decided to complement her coaching practice with the application of a tool.

The NBI™ instrument distinguished itself from the multitude of options as an efficient, precise and simple development-focused tool – which was in line with the underpinning starting point of her coaching practice.

Mirjana’s motto: Nurturing human potential and strengthening human relationships are the safest and most efficient ways to improve businesses.

Miroslav Draganov

Miroslav Draganov has been a certified NBI™ Practitioner since early 2020 and, together with Sanja Mančeva, he is the first one to present NBI™ to the market of North Macedonia.

Since 2004 Miroslav has been involved with public speaking training as well as courses for teams and individuals with the aim of maximizing productivity.

He got certified as an NBI™ Practitioner to help leaders perform better with their own teams and so that all professionals can deal with tasks that are most suited to them.

Won several international competitions, both as a contestant and as a mentor. Founded the Co-Creators social enterprise

Motto: Keep on Smiling!

Dr. Monika Picker

Monika, based in Salzburg, is a founder of ALETHEIA works GmbH. As a specialist for entrepreneurs, young professionals & executives, her diverse experience (banking, IT, hospitality, law, etc.) and international background fuel her coaching expertise.

For Monika, NBI™ fosters “growth mindset,” crucial for navigating change (New Work), and unlocks self-development and insights. As an ICF-certified coach, Monika believes NBI™ provides an “insightful” start for successful coaching, supporting her clients to improve leadership, sales & communication skills in Russian, English & German.

Her motto: “Think the opposite” to gain fresh perspectives and understand others better.

Nevenka Buljeta

Nevenka has been a certified NBI™ Practitioner since 2021 and was the first to introduce NBI™ to the Bosnian and Herzegovinian market.

For over two decades, she has worked in the field of youth education and upbringing. Recognizing the increasing difficulty for young people and adults to find validation and express their originality and motivations, she discovered NBI™. Understanding her own thinking preferences enabled her self-awareness, potential recognition, and learning new perspectives, leading to a better understanding of herself and others.

By reevaluating her work methods, NBI™ helped her restructure her educational project and broaden her horizons. She enjoys sharing her experience with clients, friends, colleagues, and family, helping them discover and develop their potential.

Sanja Mančeva

Sanja has been a certified NBI™ Practitioner since 2020 and, together with Miroslav Draganov, she is the first one to present NBI™ to the market of North Macedonia. Sanja has been a practitioner of positive psychology since 2012. As the co-owner of the Co Creators social enterprise, her mission is to help vulnerable group of people. And as a personal development trainer, her vision is to prevent domestic violence and restore confidence in any person who feels less valuable.

Through the application of NBI™ tools she reassured herself that every person prefers a specific way of thinking.

Sanja’s motto: We are all equally different.

Sreten Vranić

Sreten has been a certified NBI™ Practitioner since 2019. He brings more than 10 years of experience in various industries, especially in the fields of micro business and banking. He has worked in the USA and the CEE region for more than 6 years.

Establishing and creating business models, finance and managing organizational change are his immediate fields of expertise.

Sreten got certified as an NBI™ Practitioner to help people discover and achieve their maximum potential. He believes that by changing ourselves we change the world around us. He feels that NBI™ contributes to accelerated and superior personal development, better development of interpersonal relations, easier achievement of goals and attaining success in all fields.

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