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Team and corporation development

You will agree: today’s business does not only rely on physical or tangible resources, but increasingly on human resources. Global business trends confirm this. This definitely means that the success of a particular business today largely depends on the ability to select the appropriate skills and the knowledge of the capacities of employees, customers and suppliers.

Thinking preferences determine how people behave in a business environment, what motivates them, what type of communication they prefer, how they manage teams, and how they want to be managed. Having an awareness of thinking preferences helps us gain the opportunity to significantly improve human resource management.

Our team of internationally recognized NBI™ practitioners is at your disposal for consultations and training tailored for your business.

Companies and organizations that have thinking preferences in mind can gain significant comparative advantages over their competition, especially trough the application of NBI™ instruments in the following areas:

  • Employee retention policy,
  • Recruitment of new staff,
  • Strengthening team work,
  • Development of innovation and creativity,
  • Marketing,
  • Strengthening and developing leadership,
  • Conflict management.

For example, knowing personal thinking preferences of a certain person, applying for a job can serve as an excellent indicator of the suitability of that person for the position for which he is applying.

Also, the quality of communication improves drastically when a team leaders and members are aware of their own and others’ thinking preferences.

Recognition of thinking preferences opens a wide field of opportunities to work on strengthening creativity and innovation.

NBI™ is:

  • A set of psychometric instruments.
  • 15 -25 minute online questionnaire.
  • Precise and detailed.
  • Scientifically based.
  • Available in all regional and other major languages.

NBI™ is a set of psychometric instruments with which we measure someone’s preferences in thinking. NBI instruments allow you to take a simple 15 -25 minute online questionnaire and find out HOW YOUR BRAIN WORKS.

NBI™ is a set of psychometric instruments which takes precise and detailed, simple and concrete, measurements of preferences in thinking, leadership, learning, parenting style, skills etc.

NBI was developed by dr Kobus Neethling, one of the world’s leading experts in the fields of creativity and innovation. More information about the institute founded and run by dr Neethling can be found here.

What distinguishes NBI™ from other similar instruments is the level of precision and reduced complexity, making it easier to understand and use the results.

4 quadrants, each with its own thought processes, were obtained by observing the division of the brain into left and right hemisphere, together with the division into anterior (cognitive) and posterior (affective) brain.

In addition to the division into 4 quadrants, dr Kobus Neethling introduced 8 dimensions in NBI™ instruments, which significantly increased the informativeness and accuracy. With this, dr Neethling explained why people with exactly the same profile results have significantly different views.

To answer a number of challenges and questions, the NBI™ system tools contains specially designed instruments: NBI™ Adults, NBI™ Students, NBI™ Leadership style, NBI™ Teams etc.

In addition to English, NBI™ instruments are available in Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian an 14 other world languages.

If you are unsure which instrument would suit you best, we will be happy to advise you. Click here.

Thinking preferences are the ways of thinking that best suits us when we are in our natural state. When we think outside our preferences we feel effort and less satisfaction.

It is evident that the ways in which we notice details, interpret events, announce decisions, write emails, organize and plan our time differ from one person to the next. All this is connected with our thinking preferences.

The existence of thinking preferences has been scientifically proven. One of the most renowned research papers that gave a prevailing contribution to the understanding of left and right hemisphere brain functions, was written by Roger Sperry i Michael Gazzaniga in the early 1960s. With the support of his mentor Paul Torrence at the University Of Georgia, Atlanta, Kobus Neethling continued towards developing the psychometric instruments based on their work.

January 17, 2021

Shortly after the application of NBI™ instruments, we felt the first positive results in many fields.
Our salespeople have become much better at communicating with customers, and we have become much more skillful at understanding the needs of customers. Within 16 months after the application of what we learned with NBI, the return of investment is more than 120 percent

January 17, 2021

Fantastic experience. The skill with which I managed to connect and find meaning in the many workshops and trainings that I attended before NBI™. Great benefit for improving interpersonal and business relationships.

January 17, 2021

I liked the test result the most! I definitely discovered something new about myself that I didn’t know, and something that I thought I did, but I didn’t.

January 17, 2021

The use of NBI during the workshop brought real refreshment for further more successful business; observing and meeting colleagues from different angles, I manage much better today, which has saved 20-40 percent of my time and others in my sector.

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If you are unsure which instrument would suit you best, we will be happy to advise you.

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